Umm – not goodbye

It seems that quite a few took my most recent post (just below) to mean that I was giving up the blog altogether. Don’t know how they got that form my completely clear and lucid prose. 😉

In fact I am just saying goodbye to the Paper Chef (which lives on in Sweden – but I can’t tell you how to participate – to the shame of my ancestors I can’t speak or read Swedish). I haven’t been able to give it the care and attention it needed for a while and it was silly to pretend otherwise.

But I’m going to get back to my old haphazard blogging ways – in other words, when I feel like it. That is likely to mean chutney and also persimmon butter sometime soon.


  1. Owen, I have meaning to comment on your last post but I’ve been over busy lately. Anyway what I wanted to write was to ask what you think about me carrying on with the Paper Chef (obviously always attributing it to you)? To restart it in springtime when I feel more energized and maybe with some small changes? (Like letting the winner host the event in order to share the workload) Or do you want to bury it altogether? You tell me and I accept whatever!

  2. Ilva – that would be great! – No real need for attribution and sharing the workload would clearly help out. I might even get to take part that way!

  3. Great! So let’s say that I restart the thing for the beginning of February? It’s almost spring then and people have came back from the Christmas and New Year’ coma. Let’s keep in touch!

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