Goodbye To Adsense (but not All That)

I’ve used Adsense for adverts on this blog for a couple of years as a way to pay for hosting – it never quite has done that and it has also never really delivered ads that made much sense. And recently it stopped even doing that. Basically if this is what Google is relying on for all that money it supposedly makes then I would sell all my Google stock now (if I had any). Plus Google search is pretty crummy – time to find something better for the search box on the right.

So – no more Google ads. Which means no ads (except on the search page where I can’t figure out how to stop them happening) at all. If I find an ad thingy I like I might take them back – and I would certainly consider real ads from real companies I like.

Hope you like the less cluttered (slightly) page.

And the title – from the Robert Graves autobiography…

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