Recipe Search Now Working!

I am so excited! My sharper-eyed readers will have noticed a little web form thingy over on the right hand sidebar that has three little entry windows that say ‘first ingredient,’ ‘second ingredient,’ and ‘third ingredient,’ with a button below that says ‘Get Recipes.’ Anyone who tried it found out that it did nothing.

Not anymore!

Now it searches a conglomeration of web sites that let people search recipes and delivers a page of results from those sites – all based on the three ingredients you put in. Go ahead and give it a try!

Note that you do have to clear out the fields if you want to put in fewer ingredients – otherwise it will use the ‘first ingredient’ text in the box already and that won’t work out so well.

So how does this all work? I am using a Yahoo programming tool for RSS feeds called Yahoo Pipes and then taking the inputs and querying about six recipe sites and then trying to clean up the results to make them unique. Then puting the output out on a simple web page. Let me know what you think….


  1. Thats a cool search you got there..saw your post on food scool and came to check out..:)..wish you luck..

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