Paper Chef January 2005 Edition Is Open!

It is a new year. There’s cooking a plenty afoot. (See SHF #4 for some brilliant nut-related desserts). So we are going to give you two extra hours for the Paper Chef (aren’t we kind!)

By the way, this is highly informal. If you’d like to suggest a change to the format please do so in the comments.

Paper Chef Winner icon Jan 2005.

For January 2005, the final ingredients are:

1)Potatoes – any kind, any way, any how.

2)Savoy Cabbage – OK this on is a little specialised, but if you can’t get savoy, any other cabbage will do and if you really can’t stand cabbage than use any other leafy green. But do give savoy cabbage a try if you can – it is nice stuff and fits in well with…

3)Chicken – any kind, any way, any how. Including, for vegetarians, any chicken substitute you care to try. See, I told you we weren’t terribly rule-bound here!

4)Lemon – preferably Meyer Lemon. I am looking out the window at the neighbours’ infamous Meyer Lemon tree with about 200 nice ripe ones. I know that this may not be seasonal everywhere at the moment (Australia, Singapore?) but lemon is easy to get.

Start as soon as you read this – and email a link to your entry about what you cooked before Monday Noon PST.

Winner gets to put up the prestigious Paper Chef Winner icon (which will be supplied) and also some kind of prize. In this case it will be a free copy of “Digital Dish” – a compilation of the best food blog writing of the past year or so. The book will be published by Press For Change Publishing, the publishing company I am starting. You will start to see more details about the book online in the next month or so. The winner will have to wait until the end of the month (or maybe February) to receive their prize, however.

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