The Joys Of The Veggie Box

Wednesdays are vegetable box days. We have been getting a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box from Terra Firma Farms in Winters, CA for about ten years now (with a two year hiatus when we lived on the isolated North Coast). It has always been a delight. We get the large version which costs us $104 per month for four boxes (one per week). To give you some idea of what you get, this week it was:

Four pounds of new potatoes

Twelve large navel oranges (about 8 pounds)

A bunch of the nicest, most photogenic carrots I have ever seen (Guinea Pigs get the tops)

Four pounds of new baby broccoli

Three large leeks

Four medium heads of bok choi

A bunch of collard greens

A bunch of red beets with beet greens attached

A small head of cauliflower

2 pounds of fresh spinach, separated, triple-washed and bagged.

Everything is seasonal. Everything is organic. Everything is absolutely fresh (picked yesterday). And it all tastes better than anything you can get at the grocery store.

And this is a ‘boring’ week. We usually get apples, nuts and something a little unusual. If you price this out against even non-organic produce at the market, it is a decent buy. If you try to match the quality then you rapidly jump to a lot more money.

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